Thursday, September 3, 2009

Greedy Little Fellow

After my last post, I decided to just stop work for the day and enjoy time with my baby. I wanted to go swimming, but since our creeks up here in NC are pretty cold, I opted for a fun bath. I went a little crazy with the bath toys:-)
I need to have a waterproof camera just to document these things!
Barclay just went nuts over all the toys. They would float by him and he was grabbing as many as he could. It was hillarious!
He would have his arms full of toys and see another one grab it and all his toys would fall out. He then stuck two in his mouth so he could grab more. I was laughing so hard!
It gets better. After getting as many toys as he could, he noticed...his food source in site. (I usually bath with him...since I tend to get wet anyways). He freaks out, lunges at me and latches on. All the while his little eyes were darting around watching the toys. He would then detach and grab a toy, then latch on. He was very intent and serious about it. I had a great laugh.

He has become the most delightful little boy. He smiles constantly, even when he's crying. He follows people around and just smiles and says "hey...." He totally has a personality and I just love it!
He's going to be one fun person to be related to;-)

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