Thursday, September 3, 2009

Just because I haven't blogged about thrift stores...

...doesn't mean I haven't been going:-)
I'm been pretty enormously busy these past few months so I have accumulated a lot of treasure that I just feel the need to share with all you lovely readers:-)

I'm also going to try to actually put my projects up, or out as soon as I get them...otherwise... they sit around.


These pretty little topiaries were $2.50 each. I love yellow so much and these weren't in bad condition at all. I did take the wire baskets off...

Here they are in my china "cabinet"

This is usually where I keep my tea bags...very hard to get the ones you want and not so pretty to set out when guests are here.

So I used the wire baskets from the topiaries for the tea bags and they are perfect! I love them!

At the register I was sifting through a bunch of pins for 25 cents each. They were all horrific. Except I found two silver leaves. I love leaves and though that I would make a barrette out of them.

This one is my favorite.
But I will not be making a barrette out of them...because they're worth a lot of money!
These are worth between $100-400?! They are from an upscale costume jewelry store that is from the early 1900's. How do I know? I noticed a stamp on the back and googled it. Needless to say, I will be selling them for someone else to make a barrette out of;-)

I got this BEAUTIFUL frame for $5 at a yard sale. I nearly hit the roof when I saw it! I love it and it displays are newest family portraits beautifully! I also got that "bath" sign at a thrift store for 50 cents about a year ago.

I saw this box of old tiles at a yard sale and nearly died, they are so pretty! I got them all of $2. I'm going to glue them on old picture frames. I can't wait!

I used to work at Pier 1 several years ago and used to drool over this. It was nearly $30 though. I love wheat grass and since I kill everything plant related I come in contact with...I just wanted this. It came back into my life for $2! Yay!

It's brightening up my bathroom!

These are probably some of my favorite things to find lately. While with a friend in Louisville KY we visited a bargain basement at a church. These were $5. I have been needing/wanting bookends for a while so I bought them. Come to find out...they aren't bookends, they're shelf holders...but I changed them to bookends and love them!

They just totally make that shelf look awesome!

I bought this for $15 about 2 months ago and am just putting it in Barclay's closet to house his growing toy collection. Maybe not the best price ever...but it's durable and I needed it!

About 5 months ago, I visited some art galleries, one of them had these beautiful, simple paintings done on old windows. I've been on the lookout for old windows ever since.
This window was only $2. I nearly cried. The old lady who sold it to me probably thought...I cannot believe that girl bought this old window for $2...she didn't know how popular they are now:-)

Very old and weathered.

Finished. It looks a lot better in person and I'll definitely post a picture as soon as it's up on our dark brown walls.
I debated putting red flowers on it, but I like the clean look. I am so excited to get it up!...hint hint Noah!

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  1. What cool stuff. I am wishing I have found such cool stuff (those leaves are amazing and how awesome that they are worth some bucks!) I got me a few finds last week that I need to find time to post. You've inspired me :o)

  2. Now I have the urge to go shopping this weekend. :) I LOVE the frame in your bathroom!

  3. Good job..i need to go thift shopping with you!

  4. Oh that window? I saw a painting, or paintings actually, done on windows too and Ive been on the same look out as you! But I've not found any windows! Lucky you!!


  5. Helen Joy,
    I like all your 'finds'...I enjoy re-purposing things that I buy...isn't thrifting fun as well as the blessings we find....

    Thanks for visiting and I do hope you will come again....Betty

  6. Hi Helen
    really nice things!
    your bathroom looks so pretty with the pictures and sign
    and I love how you made the topiaries and your teabags look better.
    great prices too.

  7. You have some great deals. I really like the pear toparies, and what you did with the wire baskets.

  8. It's funny when I was reading about how you didn't leave those wire baskets on the little topiaries I was wondering what you were going to do with them and then in the next picture you showed me. Great Save! Thanks for visiting and commenting. I think painting those signs blue would be awesome!

  9. Awesome!! All your finds are incredible!!!

  10. Wow, great finds! Your topiaries are perfect for your hutch and the wire baskets worked out great for your teas. The window is neat, I haven't seen these painted before. Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love your finds! You have a great eye...thanks for sharing.

  12. wow, you have been finding some great treasures! Thanks for sharing them!

  13. Those are some wonderful finds you have picked up!

  14. oh thrift stores, HOW I HEART YOU!!!

    great stuff =)


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