Monday, March 22, 2010


My first Midwife appointment is today and I am excited...except for one part.
The weighing of oneself. I know I am going to have to hear a lecture about how overweight I am and how I need to lay off junk food. I will have to defend myself telling them I don't eat junk food...I just eat whole food. As in I use butter and drink raw milk. I will have to admit that my problem lies in daily exercise. But oh how I dread the lecture...

I also have this nagging thought in my head...what if I'm not pregnant?
What if that cheap little test I took a few weeks ago lied?
Wouldn't that be shocking?...especially since I've started wearing my maternity clothes!


  1. I'm sitting down right now saying a prayer for you. . . We are whole food people, too, and it does get criticism. It's some times hard to live out what you believe when others don't understand.

    I hope everything goes well at your appointment and your fears are put right to rest. . .

  2. I completely believe in eating whole food. Its the way it comes from the earth and it is the way God intended that we should consume it. Because of this belief I'm dying to know, where do you get your raw milk???


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