Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Enjoying each day.

Today I finally got in touch with my midwife to see what in the world was going on from our ultrasound yesterday. She said they wanted to check again in TWO weeks at the hospital where they have a better machine.

So I'm just not going to think about it anymore....(yeah right;-)

Today I really tried to focus on Barclay and enjoying him (which is NOT hard to do...he's a delight). I just snuggled a lot and played a lot. Hopefully I wont focus on the days I have to wait and just enjoy every single day. That's my goal anyhow.

I took a few pictures of Barclay today when we were playing outside and I am just in love with them!

By the way, just to make sure...I took a pregnancy test today. I know! It's crazy! But I had one left over from the pack and I was sort of flipping out this afternoon. It was positive;-)

I'm warming to the idea of twins. I have plenty of adorable names that need to be used!

Hope you got some sun on your cheeks today;-)


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