Friday, March 26, 2010


-I have been SO tired and SO overwhelmed and SO not motivated this last week. Everything has suffered, especially our house.
-For some reason I am only able to muster up the energy to clean when I set my stove timer for 5 minutes and just don't stop that whole time.
-I HATE march madness. It's Friday night and Noah and I are both home...I want to watch a movie. But he has to watch basketball. Just like he has had to watch basketball every other night. Does it not get old and tiring to watch people run up and down and up and down a court?
-I cannot stand the sound a basketball game makes.
-I have really slacked on getting back in touch with possible clients. I've probably missed out on some business because of it.
-I wish I had a personal cook who would just cook exactly what I wanted when I wanted it. The thought of preparing food is just terrible to me. And if I think about it long enough to cook it, I don't want to eat it.
-Barclay has lovingly started finding lint and dust for me. It's so cute. He finds a piece and brings it to me with sparkling eyes (like it's a treasure). I ooo and ahh over it and he runs and finds more.
-After his nap today, I went in to get him and he was still somewhat asleep and was holding a minute piece of dust for me. He must have been saving it for me for a long time.
-He is the CUTEST. I just cannot even stand it. He's "talking" all the time with a little lisp. And he can show us Nose and Head.
-The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that when I go in for the ultrasound in 10 or so days...they will in fact find two in there. It all adds up.
-I'm so tired. But not the sleeping tired. The vegging tired. Too bad basketball is on:-(


  1. I hate basketball sounds too!!! Especially in the arena. Ugh. Awful. Barclay's lint-finding/dusting is adorable.

  2. I hate March Madness, too! When we used to live in Arizona I would tell my husband we couldn't come visit North Carolina in March because it was so awful! Everywhere you go- basketball! Boo. I feel for yah!


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