Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Totem Pole of Pregnancy

I feel like people rank you on a totem pole of pregnancy. When I first found out I was pregnant with Barclay, I felt pretty much as low as you could go. I was at the bottom of the pile. Not only was this my first time growing a baby, but I was just a wee bit pregnant. I remember sitting in the office at the midwife's house and feeling pretty unworthy. Watching overdue women moaning about their backs and women in their second trimester glowing and looking perfectly baby bumped. I was normal on the outside. I didn't have any battle stories. I didn't have any gripes. I didn't even feel like I was worth to speak about being pregnant. Not to mention, they talk about your baby as if it's a distant possibility, instead of your precious baby that you think about 24/7.
I was so shocked when the midwife didn't want to discuss my in depth birth plan at seven weeks!
This time around I feel a little like I'm not quite at the bottom. I have my first appointment on Monday and although I'll feel "skinny" (ha!), I have quite the battle story to share, a precious little boy to show off, and just over all feel like I will belong.


  1. Oh you are so sweet!! It is great that you feel better this time!!

  2. So true! What a great way to put it. We're certainly not on #2 but I know when we are I'll be like "people, people...I know the drill." So different than last time!


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