Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby Bump?

I am a pretty confident girl. I'm the first to strip naked in a pack full of skinny dipping girls. I'm rarely worried about what I look like to other people. But when it comes to the size of a baby bump...I'm a basket case.
Is it too big? Is it too little?...Ok. Pretty it too big?

When I was pregnant with Barclay, I used to google "8 weeks pregnant"...or "25 weeks pregnant"...and then click images and view all the bellys out there and compare mine. I wanted to look pregnant the minute I got a positive pregnancy test...but my wise younger sister kept reminding me how big my baby actually was:-( I think around 15 weeks my mom finally told me, that I was barely starting to show.

It's so hard to FEEL so pregnant, and be consumed by all these thoughts of your baby...only to look completely normal on the outside.

I am just 7 weeks yesterday and I feel already like I'm getting quite a bump! I've heard when you have a second baby, you show earlier...but I I've stated baby is the size of a tic tac.

But then I think about the uterus is bigger...and the muscles...but basically I'm just trying to make excuses that I have a bump that was there before I got pregnant. Yes. I'm admitting my baby bump is mostly pre pregnancy softness with a tiny tic tac in it.

But I want to look pregnant! I have pulled out my maternity clothes and have lined them up on my bed, excitedly getting to know my whole new old friends.

And why wouldn't you want to wear paneled pants and flowy shirts that accentuted your best curves anyhow? They're so comfortable and it's the only clothes I don't put on reminding myself to suck in!

The only thing keeping me from sticking my belly out and rubbing it like I'm 6 months pregnant is you people out in the word who will whisper behind my back..."Doesn't she know that baby is the size of a tic tac?"


  1. I started showing at 7 weeks!! :) Just remember that it isn't just your baby (who might be the size of a tic tac) that makes up one's baby bump, but also the uterus/stomach muscles, so enjoy it if it is starting to show! Wear your maternity clothes as early as you want chica! No one in public is gonna question it (and if they do, just round up! "Oh yes, I'm two months along..". Can't wait to see your lil' belly bump!!

  2. I found your blog through lamberts lately!! i DID the same thing when I was pregnant with Emerson! They say you show faster with the second!

  3. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!
    you make me laugh! Thanks!

  4. I always google whatever week I am to see how my bump compares. I finally felt like I looked pregnant at 20/21 weeks.


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