Monday, March 22, 2010

1st Midwife Appointment

I had me and baby tic tac's first appointment today at the midwifery where I delivered Barclay. It was so much fun!
I am, in fact, pregnant. What a relief! ;-) And it just felt SO good to be back. All the receptionists were oooing and ahhhing over Barclay. They just couldn't believe we had planned two so close together. But were thrilled we were there.
I did my usual routine of peeing in a cup, than weighing myself...definitely in that order so that every single ounce that is unnecessary is out of you.
I met one of the new midwifes there and LOVED her. She was so sweet. I told her about my birth experience with Barclay and told her how the midwife on duty that night basically wasn't with me but for the pushing.
She said, "Honey, we'll do our damnest to get you a beautiful water birth. And I promise a midwife will be with you the whole time."
She was so sweet and didn't fuss at all about my weight (Praise the Lord!). She laughed when I told her that I hardly had any nausea. Just throwing up 1-3 times a day. She thought it was hilarious I didn't think that was bad. With Barclay it was hundreds of times a day.
Due to the spotting last week and the fact that a blood test was negative a day before the positive pregnancy test...I get to go in for an early ultrasound sometime this week! This is huge because they don't normally do them at the midwifery. I'm so excited.
I just feel so BLESSED and EXCITED about this new baby! I couldn't be more thrilled.

and...I couldn't be any MORE in love with the baby I have on the outside. He is a heart melter.

PS-According to their little counter thingy, this baby was conceived on Barclay's first birthday! Ha! Although I can safely say, that is not the case. But she thought it was pretty funny.

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