Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I did a photo shoot recently and we did it on a farm. These little guys were just 2 days old. I couldn't help buy identify with that mama pig just a little bit:-)

I just have to do a post about nursing again. I did one early on in Barclay's life here, but it has changed so much and I just have to put it into words.

I think nursing is in my top 3 wonderful things about being a mom so far. Of course I do it all day every day, all night every night, so I better enjoy it! But for real, it is the most tender and sweet thing. I treasure it almost every time (excluding awkward times when I'm hot and in public and trying to not flash the world:-)

About a month ago, Barclay started rubbing me. His sweet, soft hand just goes back and forth over my chest. It is SO sweet! I hope he never stops doing that! OK. That would be ridiculous, but I guess I'm saying...I'll cry when he stops doing it.

It's gotten to the point where I can't really talk that much while nursing. He comes off very frequently just to look up at me and smile or even give a little giggle. It's like, "Wait, I don't want to miss anything!"

He has started making different sounds than he used to. He now sighs in ecstasy and almost gets breathless sometimes because he's so excited. He is usually very aware when nursing and is always looking around. Whenever he's tired, his eyes will droop and droop and droop and roll back in his head. It is just adorable!

Nursing has been one of my greatest joys these past 5 months. Almost a light in a dark world of pain, crying, and frustration. It's a time when the world stops and I get to enjoy my sweet baby and give him at least 10 or more minutes of comfort. Although I think it comforts me just as much.


  1. I'm so with you on nursing! I nursed my daughter until she was weaned at 14 months and I'm nursing now (he's 4.5 months now). I love the caressing. It's soothing for the baby and it's so special for the mommy. I understand the sounds and the eyes rolling back in his head. I love that. It is ecstasy for them. So often when he's done and if he hasn't passed out, he looks a little loopy :o) Some people have likened it to a drunken sailor!
    It's nice to hear someone else seeing the beauty in nursing! the pig picture. I have a pot-bellied pig who will b e 17 in August.

  2. I can't wait to be a nursing Mommy one day, too!! I'm gonna be calling you for advice ;)


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