Sunday, March 15, 2009

Precious Moments

I grew up watching my mom nurse 6 babies. I always loved when I would curl up in bed next to my mommy and marvel at the new baby with her. Never in my life have I ever wanted to do anything so badly. The morning I found out I was pregnant, the second thing I said after exclaiming how excited I was to have a baby, was how much I couldn't wait to nurse them! I prayed throughout my pregnancy that the Lord would bless me to be able to nurse. I know it sometimes doesn't always work out the way that I plan.

I got to nurse Barclay just a few minutes after he was born and it was so precious. Every time since has been even sweeter. I love that for hours upon hours every day, I am required to stop what I'm doing and take time to nourish and cherish my baby. I get to lovingly look over every eye lash and the color of his eyes. I get to notice every ounce he gains, and where he puts it. I get to stroke his soft hair and his soft skin and talk to him. I get to pray for him and for his little soul that will live forever. I'm so grateful to have the blessing of a precious child and the ability to spend these precious times with him every single day.

My little mouse:-)

Here's a quick funny story about one of my adventures in public breast feeding.

My friend Monique and I have had several fun trips to Greenville to go shopping at the 99 cent a pound goodwill. We went the week I found out I was pregnant, as well as several times during and several more times in the weeks I was just waiting to deliver. We were so excited to take little Barclay for his first encounter. We decided to go down town to have lunch outside, because it was a beautiful day. We sat outside and Barclay was screaming and screaming because he was so hungry. I tried to descreatly feed him under a blanket, away from the families that were walking around post church. We were both sweating, he was slipping, I was hungry myself and I was getting lots of stares. I finally got him on there and began eating in the wonderful silence that followed. Monique and I were talking about all kinds of things and I decided to take a quick peek below the blanket to see how he was doing, because I was starting to feel kind of odd. He'd been under there about ten minutes. I was shocked to discover that he had been suckling the wrong spot. I had a nice hickey on my chest and the poor baby had gotten nothing. Needless to say I had to finally shock a couple people and get rid of the blanket so I could see what I was doing and my poor baby could fill his belly. I laughed so hard!

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  1. That story is hilarious! I'm surprised you didn't realize it, though, because anytime James sucks anywhere other than he's supposed to it really hurts! Anyway, I can definitely see how you'd get a crazy hickey because of the powerful suction babies have. :)


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