Friday, March 13, 2009

Lifted Up

Yesterday morning I felt like I was near death. I've never felt so much like just going under my bath tub water and falling asleep. I wrote my last blog post and I was overwelmed by so many precious people who encouraged me, whether it be offers of help, advice, prayers, stories of friends with the same problem, etc. Throughout the day I felt lifted up through prayer and the Lord really encouraged me.
Here are things I'm thankful for:
1-My friend Bethany Roach brought me some frozen, thin mint girl scout cookies because I can not eat any fun things.
2-I was given a portable swing several months ago and it hasn't worked. I knew I needed a swing but didn't want to purchase one. I was at my wits end yesterday afternoon and decided to try the swing one last time. It all the sudden started working and Barclay spent 30 minutes enjoying it, which is a lifetime in baby minutes.
3-After finding out I had been trying to pump with a broken pump, I decided I had to get one. I went to Walmart (where I had a gift certificate) to try to find one. My options were limited. $150 for an electric pump and $50 for a manual pump. I thought both were outrageous but I needed something. Breast pumps are the sort of thing you can't buy and return (understandably), so I decided to try Target and see if they had something in the middle.
They did and I got a great electric pump for $70.
4-I pumped 3 oz of milk yesterday! I felt like I had wings! I called almost everyone I knew with the news and wanted to even take pictures! (I didn't though). Just that 3 oz of milk gave me hope that I would one day be able to go swim at the YMCA again, or have dinner with my husband, or SLEEEEEEEP!
5-My friend Catherine has been here since Tuesday helping me out with things. I think Barclay overwelms her, especially since she's never changed a baby's diaper before. But she has been so encouraging to me. I've had intelectual stimulation, she's helped me cart him around, stayed in the car with him while I've done errands. Last night she cooked me a soup of what was left in my fridge. Not to mention that she's help me paint my bathroom and guest bedroom (two projects that were started and never finished for the past two months). Now I can hang up art, and get things semi together.
6-After writing my last blog, I decided to cancel my two lessons for the day. Not forever... but until I feel mentally alert enough to handle it and the moms of my students were so understanding it actually made me cry.
7-I can't tell you how much every comment on facebook, or text, or email means to me. I feel so loved and surrounded and so prayed for. I really don't understand how people do it without support. I just know that I would probably be in a looney bin if I didn't. Thank you all for being so precious.
8-I shaved my legs today...both of them.
9-My mom is going to stay up with Barclay tonight and I think that I will finally be able to sleep a whole night through for the first time in almost fourty days.
10-Even though I have a screaming baby, I love him more than anything in the world and would NEVER give up this blessing for a quiet house.
Here's a picture of my sweet boy where he's the bath like his mama.

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