Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Warning...Random Thoughts

Since I'm so sleep deprived and Barclay is bound to wake up any moment, I'm not going to even attempt to write anything that flows or makes sense. I'm just going to list some random thoughts.

-There is NO substitute for ice cream. None at all. Rice ice cream is horrible, it tastes like ashe.
-I am terrible terrible terrible at nursing in public. I get all panicked and start to sweat. I just can't seem to do it without looking.
-I don't see the point to eating since I am not eating cheese:-(
-I have noticed an obsession with striped clothing both for me and Barclay. I would say 60% of what we own right now is striped.
-I broke three things yesterday. One right after the other. I did not break my baby though, so the day was a success.
-I sit and talk to Barclay about everything throughout the day. He tells me about his day, although it seems sort of boring as of late.
-I think sometimes Barclay cries because he's bored. Seeing boats float over his head in a circle to the same tune over and over is not exciting enough to him.
-I love love love love love love love love love being a mommy. I always knew I would, but I love it even more.
-I always wanted to have all girls (because boys scare me). But I cannot imagine not having this precious sweet boy. I want all boys now.
-Ok, I do want a girl someday.
-I have been to three stores looking for gnoche. I know two stores that have it, but they were "far away", well I should have just gone. I still don't have any and therefore cannot cook the yummy meal I have everything else for.
-I kiss Barclay probably over two hundred times a day. His poor face is a little broken out and I think it's because of my germy kisses.
-I don't want to be the woman that can't see past her baby, but I think I am her for the time being and I'm ok with that.
-I am thinking a need a bigger house, not because we have too much stuff but because I'm running out of walls to put up pictures.
-I want to go swimming...outside.
-I'm going to Boston on Thursday and I'm so excited!
-I hope Barclay doesn't scream on the plane.
-I hope our friends we are staying with have a guest room far from their room so they can get some sleep.
-I think I'm finally nesting.
-Never get white counter tops. They look fresh but they get dirty so fast. Everything shows up.
-I think I'm falling alseep as I right this but it is kind of fun.
-Sometimes when I'm driving, I miss Barclay so much in the back that I pull over to kiss him.
-I miss my sisters.
-I think I'm so sleep deprived that I've lost my "reading people gift". I now feel like everyone is mad at me, simply because I can't deduct from their body language what they are feeling.
-I hate planting and gardening. I hate it. I wish I didn't, but I do. I like dirt. I like flowers. But I hate gardening. I also hate watering things. I want to go buy plants and herbs but I know they are just going to die.
-Noah and I talk and moan a lot in our sleep and so does Barclay. Moan that is.
-I get so thirsty when I nurse, that I think I'm going to invest in a camel back.
-You would think I would run out of random thoughts but I'm not...and the baby is waking, and I feel so happy about writing some of my feelings down that's I'm going to stop.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. "Sometimes when I'm driving, I miss Barclay so much in the back that I pull over to kiss him"

    This one is my favorite... =)


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