Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Nesting Gone Terribly WRONG

Well, I have something that I've been needing to work on for...I don't know...8 months?! Barclay's nursery is a royal mess and it keeps getting worse.
I was never one of those mom's who's nursery was pristine and waiting for the newborn. Nope. Mine was completely unfinished, messy, I didn't even have my cradle set up. That I had to do at 11pm at night the night we got home from the hospital. Not fun!
Unfortunately I was SICK for almost my whole pregnancy. I just had a little relief in months 7 and 8. So I never felt like cleaning...except...
I had my huge nesting stage over in KOREA! My husband and I went to visit my his brother who lives and works at a South Korean boarding school. I went at 7 1/2 months pregnant until 8 months pregnant. Let me tell you, his house was CLEAN, organized, shelves labeled, etc.
And when I got home, no nesting...
I started a new nesting phase about 1 month AFTER giving birth. Just when I didn't even have a spare hand to do it.
Anyhow, enough excuses. This is what the nursery looks like right now.

Yikes! It's horrible! I'm surprised I haven't killed myself going in there in the middle of the night!
I have to admit, the shelf that we set up, broke and that is why a lot of stuff is on the floor...but there still was a lot of stuff on the floor before that.

Yes, that is a blow out diaper from this morning. But I didn't have time, or make time to dispose of it properly since my diaper pail was full.

I really wanted to put these pictures up so that I can say, that I want to have this baby clean, organized and in working order in the next week! So look for pictures by next Wednesday, and if you don't see can write me a condescending comment. Deal?

I have two questions for you moms out there:
1.I have recently started doing cloth diapers part time, and hope to do them mostly full time. If you do cloth diapers, how do you go about storing the dirty diapers until you wash them? I have a diaper pail for disposables, which I hope to be slowly but surly phasing out (but never completely), and I got another diaper pail at goodwill that I thought I could maybe store cloths till washing.
2.Do you have a good way of storing, sorting, clothes grown out of. I had a nice little Tupperware box, then I have two, and now I need three. Is this what you have to do till their 18? For other children that may come along?


  1. I don't do cloth but have friends that do. A friend uses a galvanized garbage pail like this one:

    She picked the 10 gallon because she thought the 6 would be too small. She is pretty happy with it.

    Another friend uses a plain old plastic diaper pail, and the odor seems to have leached into the plastic. I think eventually she too will switch to the galvanized pail.

    Both use the dry method for storing.

    As far as sorting and storing clothes. I select only the cutest stuff and the basics that I really like and donate/pass on/garage sale the rest.

  2. For cloth diapers you should store in a pail with the solution so they can soak until ready to clean. Any container will do, but depending on how often you clean - size should be determined by that.

    I store in canvas storage bags. Plastic tubs and bins won't allow the clothes to 'breath' so you may end up with a smell that won't come out, even in laundering. If you want to keep them to use again, any type of plastic storage (bags or containers with lids) should be avoided. If you keep lids off and cover with muslin or cotton material, it may be okay. Something breathable is better, though. I got my canvas 'bags' at Wal-Mart in the storage/laundry section and it was $5.00. I'll go take a pic and post it and comment with a link. It holds TONS of clothes...
    Happy cleaning :o)

  3. Funny, I looked at the nursery and all I could think was..."ooh the walls are a cool color" No judgement here....

    We cloth diaper, kind of part time too....what we have are two diaper pales (meant to throw one out :) We use a PUL liner in one and only rinse out the gross diapers then throw them in there and maybe add a little essential oil once in awhile. We have two in diapers and in theory wash every day. Occasionally we run vinegar through the wash too... There a lot of cool SAHM who sell PUL liners. Some hang on the wall or door knob. Maybe that would be good until you phase out a pail....although you'll still want a trash can. Hmmm..

    Storing clothes is always an issue. I have no room but also cant afford to re-purchase for each child. I couldn't afford to buy plastic bins and used card board for a LONG time. The clothes have been fine. I have freinds who have used plastic and had strange stains and smells. Maybe it is the breathing issue ???

    Not sure if I said anything helpful...maybe I should have msged privately :)

  4. hey - my whole house looks like your nursery right now :-)

    I don't use cloth but I was encouraged that your blow out diaper was still on the table because I have two or three on mine right now because today was payday and we had like $12 until now and I was out of my diaper genie refill. So, good to know I'm not the only one

    I have a problem with storage too -- two kids, a girl and a boy, makes it harder... and with Alina being two already, and people always giving us handmedowns, I don't know what to do with myself. I have two huge plastic tubs with tops (breathe or not I don't really care!) and a few cardboard boxes in her closet too... It seems every month I have to look at Raziel's clothes and I realize he's too big but most of the time I just pull out new ones and leave old ones in a pile in the floor of the storage closet until I have a minute to organize...

    I do the same thing that Sami does, though - I only keep the really cutest things because inevitably, with the next child I will be given MORE clothes and there's no need for the stained or torn or "that wasn't so cute anyway" things. It helps. But best thing to do is to let a few months go by before you sort outgrowns into a giveaway pile because I always get emotional if they just moved up a size

  5. I have a plastic bin (I've never had any issues with smells) in each child's closet, like right now in James' closet I have a bin labeled "6-12 mos. summer clothes". As he grows out of an outfit, I just put it in the bin. At the end of the season or month range, I start a new bin and put that one up. I have blue bins for James and pink and purple for Anna Ruth. I usually buy them at Wal-Mart for $3.50. And like other people suggest, definitely don't keep stuff that is too worn out for your next baby or stuff that you didn't like or didn't fit right.


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