Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm Scared

I'm scared.
Because I looked at Barclay today and he didn't look like a baby anymore:-(
I have tried to savor every moment like everyone keeps warning me. And I have. But time doesn't stop. I don't think I could have treasured his newborn months any more than I did, but that doesn't make it any easier to deal with how much he's grown up.
Today he started scooching. I left him for less than 5 minutes on a quilt in the living room and when I came back he was under the coffee table.
I'm scared to even sleep lest I miss a moment.
The love I have for him is welling up in me more and more every day. I know in public I look like a love sick puppy. And that's OK with me!

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  1. Oh neat! Little Tait actually started some "schooching" today too! We were out on the trampoline and he was trying awfully hard to get to me by pushing with his little legs! He made it! We really have to watch it when we're holding him now; if he sees something he wants to play with, he just dives for it. : )


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