Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

I absolutely am in love with the show, So You Think You Can Dance. I look forward to it all week long and think about it all week long. It is inspiring, daring, and always makes me cry good tears:-) I love crying good tears.

I just watched tonight's show and wanted to write my opinion about the dancers. Especially because my friend Rebekah reads this and I want her to know who I am liking! And it's too late to call her!

My favorite couple before tonight was Randi and Evan...They were adorable and I loved their Mia Michaels "French Rivera Butt Dance".

My favorite girl and all time favorite contestant: Jenine and she's been my favorite since the beginning. She's so emotional when she dances, yet she's technical, she drips feminine intrigue, and she's a rockin dancer!

My favorite guy: Ade. That guy is so strong, manly, and he makes it look easy.

Here is what I think about everyone else:

Melissa-I LOVE Melissa. I just love looking at her. She's like a beautiful breeze. She glows all the time and has the most graceful moves. I love her.

Randi by herself: As I said before, I love Randi with Evan, but alone, she so flat. I think she's spunky and cute, but I think she feels awkward a lot in her dancing and it shows.

Evan by himself: He's so cute! And he makes me smile. His style is just not my favorite. He's just a little to peppy for me. Like, if I were in a room of men, I would not choose him to dance a nice romantic dance with.

Jason: He's talented and quiet. Before tonight I never really felt either way about him, but his dance with Jeanine tonight gave me chills. I now like him a lot.

Brandon: I think he's found a new dance that he does even better than contemporary. Hip hop. He moves in such interesting ways, and I love how well he adapts to every dance he is given.

Kayla: She's got gorgeous legs and exquisite extension, but for some reason, I don't care for her that much. It's almost like she's a bit fake. It also drives me crazy that in her solos she doesn't pause for affect.

Kupono: He's mysterious and I think he's really sweet. As a dancer...not my favorite at all. I do love that whenever he's excited he does a little leprechaun leap.

Janette: She is good at everything she does. EVERYTHING. But for some reason, I get annoyed with her interviews. She comes alive on stage, but off stage, she's just too much for me.

I think Randi and Kupono are going to get voted off this week.


  1. I pretty much agree with every word! Although, I don't have a favorite girl. So far this season, nobody has reached the level of Travis Wahl (when he was a contestant)that coreographed the amazing contemporary piece last night. That piece finally showed Jason's real talent.. finally! And Ade is proving to be so talented - he rocked that African dance. I agree with the elimination predictions - I won't miss Randi. I'm glad you're finding time to watch it! (Love, Reba)

  2. I'm really too sick to think coherently at the moment, but I love the show too soooo much (except I'm like 2-3 weeks behind watching them because of my hectic summer)--thank goodness for DVR! I agree with your comments about the dancers. And Rebekah knows I agree with her views ;)


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