Monday, May 3, 2010

Yogurt, yogurt everywhere and not a drop to eat...

Today my house was relatively neat. Then I got an unexpected call from a potential client asking about my photography services. We talked for an HOUR. This was unexpected, I usually only answer when Barclay is in a car seat when we're driving or when he's napping. It's so unprofessional to have a winey baby crying in the background...not to mention I cannot put two words together. So I had not prepared for this VERY long discussion. Barclay was crying and hungry and I was trying to concentrate on getting this client. So I just kept putting a variety of food on the floor for Barclay to eat. At the end of the conversation, not only did I have to pee like CRAZY, but Barclay had done some food art all over my floors. I just had to document it.

PS. Whenever I vent on facebook or on here, people are always so quick to remind me that loving on a baby is so much more important than having a perfect house. Although I do agree with that, I want to tell them,
"I don't want a perfect house, I just don't want to have rats living in my house!"
I really don't think my expectations are too high...

I'm linking up to Myra's Friday Fails.


  1. Even though there's food on the floor, the floor under that food looks pretty darn clean to me :)

  2. that floor is worthy of eating off of!


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