Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dancing Fools

WARNING this is going to be cheesy...but it's SO true.

The moment I laid eyes on Noah, I was head over heels in love. I remember our first dance like it was yesterday. I had just finished playing with a youth orchestra at Carnegie Hall in NYC, Noah had flown up with my Mom and sister to watch it. I was 15, he was 21. I was wearing pink pallet sippers under a full length, poufy black skirt. I wore my hair up in a messy upswept fashion. I felt so out of a movie. We danced to "This I Promise You" by the Backstreet Boys (hehe:-) on a boat, on a dinner cruise at night. We had been eating dinner with my mother and sister and my heart just pitter pattered watching him. All of a sudden he got up and literally swept me off my feet to the dance floor. That dance was so slow motion. I felt so tiny in his strong arms and I was completely melting inside.

We had many, many dances leading up to our wedding day. Some by ourselves when we just felt like it. Others at weddings or parties. Noah is such a stickler for doing only what he knows how to do, while I'm a free at heart type of dancer. But no matter how off we are, I love looking up at him and seeing his twinkling eyes.

On our wedding day, we danced to "It's Not the Pale Moon" by Nora Jones. Surrounded by all of our sweet family and friends, it was magical.

We danced on our honeymoon. Giggly little newlyweds who had every excuse to dance off beat and love it.
We took Ballroom Dance lessons every week during our first summer of marriage. It was bliss.

A few days before I had Barclay we danced for about an hour to an old Nora Jones CD. Just me and him...swaying away with a kicking baby between us.
During labor I would lean on him and he would sway with me encouraging me and supporting me through the pain.

Today I realized we dance all day long, just in a different way. It's graceful, it's intuitive, and it's still magical. I'll be taking care of Barclay and right when I feel like I'm starting to get overwhelmed with something, Noah steps in and takes over. He loves on Barclay and gives me a break. Then I step in and take over for a while when I know he has things to do. Today was just sort of rough. After a wonderful weekend at a Blue Grass Festival (more on that later), I was just wiped out from all the chasing, running, packing and repacking and packing and repacking...and I have had the worse migraines for days and days now. I just felt awful and it was just beautiful to see how Noah stepped in right when I needed it.

He really is just the very best. And now I've gone all mushy inside reliving it all, so I'm going to go snuggle with him in bed...because I can! Hehe. Seriously, nearly every night I lay there and cannot believe I get to sleep with the man of my dreams, the man 10 years ago that I first danced with.


  1. this is so incredibly sweet helen joy :) keep on dancing with that man who loves you. you're a great wife!!!

  2. I love you both so much. I LOVE hearing how much you love each other. I get tears in my eyes. I truly want that for you both forever.
    Love your Mother

  3. Mom...(the real mom)May 3, 2010 at 2:57 PM

    That is one of the sweetest things I have ever read...I love you sweet baby girl.

  4. This is so sweet. I love that you write about the good stuff and the bad stuff in marriage. It's encouraging for a newlywed. :)

  5. ohhhh I need to blog!!! Your last paragraph sums up how I feel every night, too. I'll have to write about Bruce's and my first dance, too :) Only 6 years ago, yet so very magical! *hehe*


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