Monday, May 24, 2010

Silly little honeymooners:-)

Thursday we celebrated our 5 year anniversary. (Which was actually Friday). We decided to try out Hot Springs. It's just an hour away and is a budget friendly alternative to our beloved Grove Park Inn Spa (where we usually celebrate).

We had a blast! It was pretty hilarious. It is pretty much the opposite of swanky and we were wondering as they walked us to our "tub" why we chose this ghetto, sketchy place. Literally, while waiting outside for someone to show us our tub, we waited behind two grizzly, oil soaked, middle aged men with beards down to their chest...carrying a six pack.
Why a man like that would spend $25 to soak in a hot tub alone, I cannot tell you...but to each his own.

When we got to our tub it was so charming. Surrounded on three sides with a wooden fence, and facing a beautiful river. The water is pumped straight from the hot springs and isn't heated additionally. It was the perfect temperature.

For 30 minutes we had the most amazing, romantic time. Kissing and enjoying a bottle of champagne. Now when they say they don't advise alcohol in those tubs, they aren't messing around. After jut a cup or champagne (ok a large solo cup), that hot water started getting to me and we became quit giggly. Then I poured half a bottle of Johnson's vapor bath in (cause I wanted it to smell like Grove Park's eucalyptus steam room) Bad idea! There were bubbles everywhere! Spilling to the sides and almost overflowing to the ground. We realized immediately that was a bad idea and spent the remaining 30 minutes corralling all the bubbles into the drain so we didn't have a fee for ruining things. He giggle the whole time.

All in all it was a delightful experience with my groom:-)

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