Monday, May 3, 2010

Public Meltdown

And it wasn't was me!

Oh my Lord, today wiped me out. After being couped up in our house day after day, because we are now a one car family...and I live 15 minutes from civilization, I have accumulated QUITE the list of things I needed/wanted to do if I got my hands on a car. This week I've had two friends offer cars for two different days and I am so grateful. So today I had a list a mile long and two checks to cash. I had three goals:
1.Harris Teeter Triple Coupon Week
2.Staples for Jump Drives for my business
3.CVS for my weekly shopping spree (aka buying diapers and getting free lotion and lip gloss and tooth paste)
I love getting a deal, and since we have zero money for anything extra, I think I put that love of a deal into my grocery shopping. Because everyone has to buy groceries and if I can put my passion to save into fills a void:-) I have been loving clipping coupons, and although I do not follow any site or blog (isn't that stuff in another language?), I still manage to save a lot. Staples was easy. Check. CVS was wonderful. I got Diapers, 2 Nivea lip glosses (my favorite), 1 anti itch lotion for my itches (which come when the pregnancy hormone leaves my body), 3D Crest Toothpaste, Nivea body wash for men, 2 Root awakening shampoo and conditioner, 2 boxes of Russel Stovers chocolates, and 1 box of Whitmans Chocolates...all for $17 I have 2 extra bucks. I think I came by it dishonestly...aka ripped CVS off. I tried not to though! After trying to do several transactions and getting all flustered with how much I was spending, I got in the car and added it up and I had spent $50! So I went back in and took back three items. Not only did they refund me for these items in cash, they also refunded me money for the coupons I used! I was honest and explained this to the lady but she said it was too confusing to do it any other way. So I rocked CVS.
Harris Teeter....Oh my word. Immediately upon entering, Barclay started wining. I had spent HOURS clipping, organizing, making lists, and reorganizing my coupons. I took an hour to go through the store and decide which items were actually good deals even with the coupons tripled. Harris Teeter WAY marks up their food. After getting discouraged after throwing coupon after coupon in the "Do Not Use" pile, I had finally filled my cart with things I
#1. Needed
#2. Thought were a good deal.
I was already sweating and nervous from an hour of trying to calm a frantic baby and keeping my calm. I found a nice looking cashier and warned her I was new at this and needed her to be patient with me and my questions. I asked her twice if I could ring up my stuff in two orders (since they have a 20 triple coupon item limit). She assured me I could...then she went NUTS scanning stuff. I begged her to slow down and let me place the coupon with each item. But she said she had a different way of doing things. Then everything just went crazy. After scanning half my items (an eye balled half) she demanded the coupons...which I had no idea what went with what.
*By the way, Barclay is clawing at my chest and screaming and I'm sweating and maybe even re lactating.
I try to find coupons, some of them don't triple...she's going to fast. I have to put stuff back. It was a MESS. Then 30 minutes later at the very last, 5 coupons wouldn't scan. The manager told me I had exceeded my limit for coupons. I assured her I hadn't. Then she informed me that you CAN'T do two seperate transactions....
I just started bawling. Like embarrassingly shaking and bawling. I wanted to fall on the floor and pitch a fit...then take a nap! Then they looked at me and asked what I wanted to take out. I was so confused at this point that I didn't even know what way was up. I tried to get them to take stuff off, switch this for this. It was a complete and udder mess. My heart was beating like I was running a marathon. I just cried and said, "I don't know...I don't know..."
Finally we worked something out and I left. Only to discover at home, some of the items I paid for weren't in my bag, some of the items I didn't want were in my bag, some of the items I had put back, I had been charged for.
So I had to make a separate trip back in to get what I needed. I still came out short but was to tired to figure it out. Harris Teeter was very unapologetic. I was very calm but complained about how their cashiers don't know the simple rules of their coupons.
So to spite them, I took 2 cookies on the way out...even though you're only supposed to have one.

I can assure you that the Harris Teeter in Hendersonville, NC will NOT be getting any of my business ever again.

PS-I did save like $60, but I took ten years off my life.

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  1. Go you for taking two cookies! And what a mean cashier!

  2. I totally understand. I recently went to HT for the triple coupon week, and unless the coupons are spectacular, I will not go back. It was not worth it to me!

  3. WOW....Please Call me to give you a hand...We all need some help when we are in over load. I love you. Mother

  4. So next time bring the baby to me and ditch the coupons...that's not fun!
    So sorry!

  5. I totally know what you mean HJ. I try to do that at Harris Teeter too. Spend forever clipping coupons and organizing the list and everything and then it seems like it's all for nothing. I live right by the library so if you ever want to drop Barclay off so you can go to the store by yourself feel free:) ~Melissa

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