Monday, February 8, 2010

Virtual Throw Up

OK. It's been a week since I've posted. And what a week it's been. We had a major ice storm and we were out of power for 3 days. And our internet has been down for 4. I seriously have written about 50 blog posts in my head...I'm going to be careful not to "throw up" on you with all my emotions and thoughts. Hopefully I can spread it all out over the next week. But man it's good to be back!!!
I got home last night and was cheerfully doing laundry and dishes. I was so glad to be back in my home.
I was telling Noah last night that this year has just been terrible. It was a horrible start. I feel like we have either been sick, snowed in, iced out, out of power, dealing with trauma or crisis, or sick again. I mean it has been one thing after the other. I have yet to have a "normal" productive week. Or a week where I actually felt like I accomplished something.

Here's a bullet point list of what I want to blog about...might not get to it, but I'll try:

-The well of emotions because my baby turned 1 on Thursday. That post was going to be long, drawn out and full of my lovesickness for my baby. You might be spared the full brunt of it, but oh my word, the emotions were just crazy.

-Barclay started walking. I mean everywhere. The child doesn't even crawl anymore.

-Things that frustrate me.

-My exciting purchase!!!!(Which I cannot shut up about)

-Sin nature coming forth in my child (who I thought was perfect)


-More on Prayer

-Mindless Stuff.


Yep. It's a lot. I think I'll start now:-)

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