Sunday, February 21, 2010

The dripping pants

I'm linking up to My Blessed Life's Friday Fails...

In a week full of what felt like failures, I topped it off yesterday with one that is blog worthy. I mean, it was bad!
Noah has been scheduled to attend a conference in New Orleans for months and a week ago he started asking me to pack for him. Every day he'd ask me...and every day I would say I would do it. Men are easy to pack for and he only has a limited amount of clothes...basically four khaki pants and 7 polo shirts.
So the night before he left, we had friends over for dominos and he kept bugging me about it. He was supposed to get an award and was feeling nervous about it. I kept telling him not to worry, I would do it...
That night I put all 4 pairs of his pants in the you see where this is going???
In my mind, I put them into the drier, but not actually. The next morning at 5 am, when I go to get his pants to put in the suitcase...I was horrified to find them still dripping wet. And Noah had NOTHING else to wear. And his flight was in an hour and a half...and we still had to drive 30 minutes...
My heart sunk! And I started crying! Noah...wasn't surprised:-( But I will say he gave me so much grace (which I did not deserve!). But I knew he was so frustrated and I only added to it. He put on some dirty pants he usually hikes in, and I folded the wet pants and stuck them in a garbage bag.
Poor thing had to hang them in his bathroom to dry just to be able to wear something suitable.
How do I manage to do these things?!?!


  1. Oh my goodness! Helen Joy--thank you for reminding me! I just put all my decent work clothes in the washer and forgot to put them in the drier--you saved me from a dripping outfit in the morning!!!

  2. that is so sad and so funny all at the same time!!
    I am glad he was so gracious to you!!

    on another husband would NEVER let me pack him =) Even if just for the weekend at he lake! haha I tried once and he unpacked and repacked his bag

  3. Helen Joy, you have no idea how encouraging it is for me to read your blog. Laundry has to be my biggest failing as a housekeeper. And our sweet husbands are so patient!

  4. Girl, you sound SO much like me. I hate laundry and I forget about it. My husband is also so so gracious. Needless to say, I have shed tears before over the laundry.

    Thanks for keeping it real and linking up to Friday Fails! :)

  5. Ouch! I have mentally done things - only to discover that it was only in my head. How awful to open up the door of the dryer and see dripping wet clothes! Which reminds me - my washer just ended...

  6. Wow!! At least he had pants to wear to the airport! And sounds like he is a fabulous man since he didn't pout!! :) Just think, in a few months you'll be laughing at this story!!


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