Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can I have a REDO?

Barclay's first birthday party was...disappointing.

Of course it had to start snowing, icing, right when the party was supposed to start.

Most of the people we invited didn't come (and I understand why)

Some people did come and I was so grateful (but the people that did come had to rush off so as not to get stuck in the snow).

I had planned and planned and decorated and imagined what his first little birthday was going to be like. And it was a blur. I can't remember it. And the thing that makes me want to cry my eyes out...I didn't even take the time (or have the time) to correctly check settings on my camera. So almost no pictures turned out.

I did dinner, cake, and presents in about 20 minutes.

I was going through pictures to post and got really sad because I don't like any of them:-(

Can I have a redo?


  1. I am sorry it didn't go as expected!

    And I an not sure if you were asking seriously or not, but I think you can totally have a re-do! You can re-invite the people who had to cancel. If that seems like too much, or you feel uncomfortable re-inviting people maybe you can have a little party with your closest family and friends and just make it small but special and take lots of pictures then.

    Again, I am sorry you are disappointed. That is such an icky feeling.

    Let us know what you decide to do!

  2. Hey HJ

    I've found after about 4 b-day parties now that other people never seem to get quite as excited as you are about your little one's coming of a new age... we have resorted to dinner and presents and a cake with family... the first 2 birthdays, the birthday child hardly notices what's going on. I bet Barclay had a blast.

    I understand how you feel about the pictures.. We videotaped Alina's first and shortly thereafter someone broke into our house and stole everything, including the videocamera and the tape that was still in it :(


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