Monday, February 8, 2010

3 Things

There are three things that frustrate me several times a day, to the point where I dread when I come in contact with them. I actually visually become frustrated and sometimes yell and cry.

#1. My bathtub drain doesn't work.

It's not filled with hair, the actually drain stripped and will not stay up to drain. I takes about 5 minutes and then it will catch enough to drain. Then usually at the end, it releases and stops the last remaining water from draining.
I will admit that I take AT LEAST 1 bath a day. I have only showered 2 times in my house and it was more to have a conversation with my busy husband than it was to actually get clean. I LIVE in the bathtub. I cry in it, pout in it, imagine in it, cry in it, CRY IN IT, CRY IN IT. It's my drug of choice. But every time I have a wonderful nice bath, I end it in a bad mood because the drain won't drain. I bought a replacement drain but in order to get it replaced I have to use tools...which I am dangerous with.

I have found the solution to this frustrating situation. I stuck the clear plastic piece off the top of my new deodorant under the drain and it stays up. So this clear plastic protective deodorant thingy sits proudly next to my tub and I don't get frustrated anymore!

#2.My rug corners turn up and I cannot get them down.

I have tried ironing,
Duct taping,

They will not go down. Any one have solution to this problem?

#3.Meal time with Barclay.

This is beyond the most frustrating part of my day ( and it takes place 3 times a day).

Barclay insists on using utensils to eat. He refuses to let us feed him. This means lots of messes and very little eating. Recently he discovered he could stand up in the high chair. We were given the high chair and it's worked great till now. It doesn't have straps to keep him in. I also detest cleaning the highchair. I have actually resorted to Goo Be Gone as a common household cleaner. (Don't worry, I use soap and water afterwards so I don't have to contact poison control). I hate scrubbing it and all it's cracks and crevices. I stopped using the cloth cover months ago, but 3 times a day...It's horribly frustrating. Not much I can do about my strong willed child. I did decide to purchase my dream high chair.

I don't think I've ever wanted, drooled, researched something so much as this.
Not only is it BEAUTIFUL, it is functional. There is no cloth to have to wash, no cracks or crevices to have to scrape food out of. The hydraulic lift is just a plus;-).

I KNOW it's extravagant. I KNOW I could have gotten one for a quarter of the cost. But I figured. 3 times a day for more than a year, times the 3-4 kids we want....that is a LOT of frustrating meal times.
I sold some jewelry I no longer wore, I traded in some stuff, I used coupons and discount codes, and some birthday money...and I finally ordered it!!!

I HOPE HOPE HOPE it fulfills my dreams:-) And makes meal time a little more luxurious:-)
I'll let you know if it's worth it!


  1. i totally understand your number one. we've had MAJOR drain issues in our new house this week, so i laughed out loud when i read your post. (i love the design of that new high chair.)

  2. #2...Two-way tape(a thick tape that sticks on both sides) is the cure for the carpet corners turning up. A good quality should be available at any decent hardware store.


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