Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Random Thoughts about the Winter Olympics

*Wow there are so many gorgeous people! Compare to the summer olympics, a great deal of gorgeous people! Maybe it's all the fresh air they get. Or how the cold air flushes their cheeks...

*There are really weird sports out there...
The biathalon (sking and shooting)

*The snow boards crack me up. It's like it's no big deal to them. They are so chill, listening to their ipods and singing out loud.

*Ice dancing should have started out with the free skate because man I almost wrote it off after watching the original dances...the country dances were just wrong.
I did watch last night and there were some beautiful moments.

*I always think 4 years ahead...
When I was 12, I remember thinking...in 12 years I'll be old! Now I'm thinking that next Winter Olympics I'll be 28 which is my husband's current age...and he's old.

*I cry at LEAST 3 times a night during the olympics.

*Growing up I was POSITIVE I was going to compete in the olympics in Gymnastics. I used to "sell" my autograph which read:
"Helen Joy Paul...future olympian"
I'm running out of time though!

*Tonight is my favorite event ever...the women's figure skating!

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  1. you know, i think the same thing about ice dancing. glad someone shares my opinion! :)


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