Thursday, February 25, 2010


I am SO gullible. I am a sucker for every advertisement and every commercial. I have almost gotten scammed too many times to count. I guess I just have a very trusting nature.

"Noah! This man wants to give us free tickets to Jamaica if we just buy 5 magazines!"

You know, stuff like that...

Thankfully I have a very wise and patient husband who steers me in the right direction.

Yesterday I was on Facebook and saw an ad for a free Mac Mineral makeup kit. I don't even wear makeup, but I clicked it. It just asked for some info, so I entered it. I was so glad it wasn't a scam! Then it said, just fill out info for one I chose Blockbuster because it didn't require a credit card number...then just one more...then just one more...then just one more. Every time I'm like, this is for real! But then the last screen (and the "final" step) was you had to give you credit card to 3 different companies.
Ugh! Not only did I not get that wonderful mineral makeup...I wasted so much time.

And I have gotten about 30 junk mail in my inbox and gotten several soliciting calls on my phone.

Oh Helen Joy...when will you ever learn!

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