Sunday, December 20, 2009

Marital Fights

I hate marital fights. They're the worst.
#1.You know exactly how to hurt each other, exactly how to push buttons...and in situations like fights...most of the time you choose to do it.
#2.You love the other person more than anyone on earth, so it hurts worse.
#3.You can't vent to anyone because you have to protect your marriage and your loved one.
Marital fights are lonely and brutal.
I hate them.


  1. Been there, sweetie...I know how painful it is. I also know how amazing forgiveness is when the argument is finally over. I'm praying for you guys, that God would restore peace to your marriage! Love you!

  2. you're a good woman, HJ, I vent to whomever wants to listen... well, okay, not about things like sex but about silly fights like over money or the kids or something... but now I'm getting to where I'll tell a few of my girlfriends just about anything. It's really hard to just keep it all to yourself - and I don't even really try.

    Men can be dumb and women can be dumber. It's so frusterating to get in a fight about something when you know you're just fighting because of something small but it blows up into something so much bigger.

    tell Noah you love him. :-)

  3. Agreed! 100%. So nice to hear that you keep these marital fights to yourself too. I refuse to vent about those to anyone!


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