Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Christmas Tree Tragedy

"A DIY guide to almost cutting down the Christmas tree...the hard way"
I love Christmas and I and love decorating for it. I couldn't wait to get the tree up this year with Barclay to enjoy it too. Of course everything has prevented that. Guests, baby showers, extreme exhaustion, that kind of stuff.
Last night I was determined to get our tree in. We have had it for over a week just sitting in our driveway!
I got the hand saw that we borrowed from Noah's dad and set out it the rain to cut the bottom off. It was hard! I was out there for 10 minutes and barely made any progress (other than the progress on shaping my arm muscles!). So I dragged it in the garage to try. 10 minutes later I felt I had done most of the work. Then I had a bright idea. I would take a screw driver and hammer it into the trunk to help split it. Brilliant! Just like old timey people would have done! Well it didn't work and I now had a tree trunk with a screw driver driven all the way through . I tried another screw driver because I was sure that would do the trick and finish it off.
1 hour later...5 screw drivers later....
I am stuck with a strange star on the bottom of our tree. Made with screw drivers that cannot come out! I then started gently chiseling an inch here, an inch there...
30 minutes later ( and two hours from the start of this thing), I had to stop.
My back hurt so bad I couldn't sit down, I was wet through and through, everything was sticking to me with the sap...and still today my Christmas tree is not decorated in our living room...but laying on the floor of our garage murdered with 5 screw drivers.
Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree....
It was not a good day for holiday instead of beer...I drowned my sorrow in 2 glasses of egg nog.


  1. Seriously?! I'm sorry but that is just hilarious! I love the last picture (and the look on your face in the 2nd one is priceless!)

    Hope you don't mind, but I tweeted this...LOVE IT!

  2. uff you had a bad day! I liked your blog, i think i will read more of this in a short future :)


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