Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Cheer

We got about a foot of snow over the weekend. Barclay's first snow. He wasn't too impressed. I took a few cute pictures of him in his red rocker.

What a sweet little boy.
Despite the snow, this precious baby, the Josh Groban Christmas CD I have on replay, the cookies I bake, the tree and the smells.
This year I'm having a hard time feeling in the Christmas Spirit. I don't know what it is! I think it's just a hard transition year, from being with our families to having our own family of three. I want it to be all it was when I grew up, and it just isn't. (Not that Barclay has a clue what is going on). I think I just had such high expectations about how our first Christmas with a baby was going to be. Hoping to find some Christmas spirit in the next few days.
Stuffing Barclay's first stocking with straws is truly going to be magical:-)


  1. What amazing photos. You are good. The subject is pretty darn cute too! Love all that snow.

  2. love the pictures! they are great.

  3. the one of barclay holding his teddy bear and looking up is WAY TOO CUTE

  4. Super cute pictures! You always get great shots of him. :)



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