Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What Not to Wear #2

Here are a few more people watching moments for your viewing pleasure!

Probably my favorite of the weekend. This nice, normal looking woman was walking, then turned and...BAM yoda?!

Funny hat kid.

Once I made sure this guy wasn't dead, I took this picture. Strange shirt.

Loved this old timer decked out in his overalls and chillin.

This little girl had it going on!

Brocaide butterfly vest anyone?

I love that if someone from NYC would come here, they would think this outfit was strange, but it was perfect for where he was in the hills of WNC.

Skirted men where spotted everywhere. This one did all sorts of dancing and juggling.

Well this happy girl thought she'd get a tan while she walked around.

I don't know if the dress is too low in the back or if her underwear is too high...

The british celebrating the Royal Wedding in style.

I thought this girl had the prettiest hair and I loved her flower.


Complete with heels and everything. Just what I was about to wear to a hot, rugged, outdoor music festival. I think it's Lady Gaga...

Much more to come...


  1. I think the kid with the 2019 shirt on, was less than amused that you wanted to take his picture =) heh

  2. Lady Gaga or a white, hippy Rihannah. Whichever :)


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