Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gradual Decline of the Diaper Bag

I've really noticed the gradual decline of my diaper bag this go round.
I think it's really comical.
Your first outing (usually the pediatrian's office a few days after birth) you meticulously pack that diaper bag with every thing you would think you could maybe need. 2 extra outfits, pacifiers, 2 burp clothes, extra socks...all kinds of things.
A month later you find yourself packing diapers, wipes, and an extra outfit. You figure you can use the underside of your shirt to clean up spit up if it so happens (or maybe this is just me).
A month later you find yourself carrying around a grocery bag with diaper and wipes in it. Nothing else because you figure they can just go naked if they happen to ruin their clothes (and you can bet on it the first time you don't pack an extra outfit).
Then you start carrying the diaper and wipes.
And today I got down the the bare necessities by carrying just one lone diaper with me. And when Sullivan had a blow out...I proceeded to use my creativity and wash his bottom off with the melted ice from my Large to go glass of water from three days ago.

Am I the only one here? Or is this normal?


  1. THANK GOODNESS....I'M NORMAL!!!!!!!!!! :) I was kind of sad when I realized that the pretty pink checked bag wasn't really a necessity anymore.

  2. oh yes! I used to keep the diaper bag fully stocked, and just in case we lost the diaper bag or forgot it (2 week checkup) I had extra diapers AND wipes in our cars. Most days Richard shows up at daycare with a plastic bag and I thought I was the only one!

  3. LOL I throw a diaper or two in my humongus purse and use wet papertowels at the public restroom!!
    Recently, thought, I've installed a permanent (doesn't get removed from the car unless we are out and about, and then only if needed) beach bag (the straw kind that stands open) as a diaper bag in the trunk... Sippy cups, changes of clothes, diapers, wipes and pullups.

    And yet my husband still throws diapers and wipes in a grocery bag lol.


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