Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thought Process

How in the world did my grandmother do it with four kids under five...?

Well she didn't have facebook so she had a lot more time.

But she had to use clothe diapers for all of them! And not the good ones either. Oh my word there must have been so many dirty cloth diapers. How did she do that?

How did prarie women do it? They had to make a fire and cook everything. Everything must have been so hard!

Oh my word, grocery store trips for my grandmother, how did she do that with four kids?

Well at least there were no car seats to have to buckle and unbuckle all the time. That's one of my worst parts of motherhood is buckling the car seat.

How did she do it without blogs and facebook to make her feel connected to the world? The world outside of constant housework and dirty cloth diapers? Oh it would be so boring and so mindblowingly hard with out an outlet to quickly type..."I'm going nuts because my baby wont stop screaming!" All the encouragement I can get in a matter of minutes from women who have been there and done that and survived.

Sometimes I wish for the simple times back in the 60s when I wouldn't have so much to overwhelm me, but after this thought process I am 100 percent glad I don't live back then. I will take the dresses though. I love me some pretty dresses.

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