Saturday, April 23, 2011


Ta Da!

This is the first time since we moved in three months ago that no boxes were lining the hallway! This beautiful hallway is my favorite part of the house. It makes it feel so much bigger!

This little guy is sad that his obstacle course is ruined and now it is easy to navigate:-)

On top of the wardrobe, we have a 100 year old bowl that I use for my baby photographs and at home I store baby blankets in it. The basket next to it has baby Barclay wont steal all of Sullivan's toys:-) That painting to the left is one of my favorites I've done. I did it in a dark time in my life when I was really struggle with Bi Polar Disorder. It's a woman crying and next to it is a jar of tears. Because of the verse that God bottles our tears. I love it. It's modern and emotion. My husband isn't a fan, but it reminds me of how good God has been to draw me out of despair into His hope.

The wardrobe where we keep our linens and towels and our blanket basket.

I got this awesome vintage poster (I usually am not a fan of posters) at a yard sale for 2.50.

Our wonderful little dresser that we keep mail, and things we use almost every day in. Those brass busts hanging there were inherited from Noah's grandparents. I love them, I think I'll probably move them though. They look odd there.

I love this old, weather pewter bowl I bought at a yard sale. It holds change, our keys and cell phones and a timer that I use when I clean.

This is one of my favorite parts of the house. This was such a big space behind the front door but not a lot would fit there. I created a little station. A wooden bench that we can put all our bags on when we come in and out. The basket is my "to-go-to-people" basket. So if I know I'm going somewhere and need to bring something to someone, I just put it in the basket that day. Then all the diaper bags. It works great!

The little bird hooks I bought at Maste General in our downtown. They are iron and I LOVE them. I had my grandfather put them on a piece of old barn wood from my mom's farm. The painting above it is one of my favorite that I did in college. It's of a dandelion field. There are actual bugs in the paint because I did it on site one spring day.

My big project with the hallway is to line it with all sorts of family pictures from our parents as youngins down to our newest little one. Should be fun, and HARD! Hard to pick just a select few!


  1. Man, girl! Things are looking GOOOOOOOD!!!! Keep it up!! I can't believe you are doing all that with a newborn baby! You rock! (I realize you might not know me, but somehow our husbands know each other and Hart gave me your blog to follow...maybe I have told you that before! OH well!) I love your decorating's really nice and decluttering is one of my favorite things to see! You have some really neat pieces, so why not show them off! Have a beautiful Easter remembering that it is Jesus that is LORD!


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