Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Ta Da!

I love this bright shower curtain I found at walmart. I hated having just a plain white one because it showed dirt and because when you walked in you were distracted by dirt...and now you're distracted by the curtain;-)

This room was pretty much in working order as well. But we had 2 problems. 1 being that our single bathroom is pretty far away from the laundry room and our bedroom so we were constantly leaving our dirty clothes on the floor after our showers. Especially when you are wrangling 2 naked babies, taking the clothes into another room to put in a hamper didn't work. And the room is far too small to put a hamper in.

I was so excited when I found this back of the door hanging hamper. I know it's a little dorm roomish, but I don't care. It's so functional!

When we moved in I was really annoyed with the medicine cabinet. It was HUGE and every time I went to wash my hands, my face was almost pressed against it because the sink is pretty small and the cabinet stuck so far out. I finally convinced Noah to let me take it down. It opened the whole room up so much! Unfortunately I don't have a before picture of the cabinet, but I replaced it with this pretty blue mirror my mother in law handed down to me. After we paint, I'll eventually hang it on the wall, but I kind of like it leaned instead of hung..but I'm 5'3" so it works for me:-) You would think that lack of storage would be hard for us, but we are a very simple family who hard use anything other than what's in the shower. I blowdry my hair about once every six months, I brush my hair three times a week, I put lotion on about every six weeks...we're simple so we can keep all that stuff in the bedroom for the random times we will use it:)

I got this awesome photograph already framed for a dollar at goodwill. It's developed in a really cool way.

I love the little turquoise vase to the right, a gift. And then a framed picture of my cute little Barclay's bare butt, and then I filled an old glass bottle I got for free with dried green peas.

I got this painting at a yard sale in Asheville. It was an artist who was selling all her work to move to the west coast. I met her and she was so cool. I spent a little more than I do at yard sales for it...$20. But I felt like it was more of a gallery sale than an actual yard sale. It is fabric stitched and then painted. I love the colors and the simplicity. In all our moves, the matte actually got damaged so I got a new, offcentered one at Michaels. Here's the funny thing...I forged the artist's signature! But it's an original piece of art and I love it!

I got this tiny shelf that fits perfectly next to the opened door and the sink. I want to decorate it and maybe get some small baskets to put on it. It's good for extra rolls of toilet paper and the very few toiletreis we use.

All I want to do to this room is repaint, hang up a towel rack, and decorate the little shelf.

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