Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dresser Redo

I'm kicking myself for not taking a before picture! I've tried to see if craigslist still has it, but they don't.

We seriously needed storage for our clothes and so we found this awesome, solid wooden dresser on craigslist. It has 10 drawers! My grandparents bought it for us as a baby present:-)

For the before, imagine beige and navy alternating drawers. And the drawer pulls were the opposite color of the drawer. Really teenage boy room.

NOW...Ta DA!

I ALMOST painted it white, but I decorate with a lot of white so I thought I'd spice it up. I got this color from Walmart and really went out on a limb...but I am in love with it! Drawer pulls were from World Market (they were only 25 cents more a pull than the cheapest cheapest ones at Lowes).

Now if I can just put my clothes IN the drawers:-)


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