Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Living Room

So after several grueling days with the slave driver...my house is now completely in order! I feel so relieved and happy! I still have a lot of decorating I still want to do, but for the most part, it's done!

I'm just going to post one room a day...starting with the living room!

Ta da!

This room was already pretty much in working order, but I decorated a little more.

The fireplace. I adore it! I love the brick!

I got this old window off Craigslist for $10. It's from an old schoolhouse. I love how chippy it is! And I wanted an old window here so you could still see the brick. I was going to hang it with the glass and I would have had to have anchored it into the morter, which would have been a pain). But we had a big storm and it blew over on my porch and most of the windows broke. So I broke the rest and it was light enough to sit on the mantel. I wrapped that "G" with twine (took like an hour!) and the other two vases were gifts from a friend. The little lime green painting to the right was a gift from my grandmother. It has a little friend painting that has to be reframed. They are some of my favorites. I love the lime with the light blue.

Cute little metal basket with Barclay's books in it. Got it for free from my father in law.

Our awesome bench and red chair. Those black and white charcoal drawings we inherited from Noah's grandparents. I love them!

Got this awesome shabby chic dresser off the streets of DC:-) It was 20 dollars but it took like two months to get it home to me:-) The basket under it is for toys.

My random wall:-) I still want to tweak it and I have a picture to put in the empty one. Every single thing on that wall is from Goodwill or yard sales except for the lock near the top...3 dollars at Ross.

One of my favorite pieces of art! I got it at a local thrift shop (which is NEVER good). It is an original watercolor on silk. It was just sitting in the corner, unframed. It's pretty large and I got it for $2! I saved it for two years and recently had it professionally framed (since it was an odd size). I am in looooove!

One problem we need to fix is all this mess of wires! The walls are so thick in this old house that the wireless doesn't make it to the back room so we have to put the router sticking out into the hall. That little table runner I LOVE! Goodwill for 2 dollars:-)

All I want to do with this room is to get some bright pillows and some more pictures and art on the walls.


  1. Helen Joy! I stumbled on this while at work, and I LOVE it!!! You are sooo creative!! Your decorating skills are awesome, I love how you brought all these random objects together and now they make a cohesive whole :)

  2. looking great hj!!! you are inspiring me to want to organize :) i am in love with your house!!! wish we could be neighbors :)

  3. oh you're making headway so much faster than I am, I have got to get on track! Thanks for the encouragement, just seeing your beautiful home makes me want mine to be beautiful!


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