Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Made to be a Mama

We call her the baby whisperer. There is just something about Katie Beth that soothes babies. Even though usually Katie Beth is chock full of absolute fire and adventure, the second she gets around a baby, she reaches for them and this gentle aura comes about her.
Like me, Katie Beth has always dreamed of the day she'd become a mother. 30 mins after Barclay was born, she whispered in my ear that she was pregnant, I've never seen her happier. 10 days later (on February 14th which is Sullivan's birthday now), she miscarried that baby. I felt like a little part of Katie Beth died with that baby. She grieved so deeply for that lost life.
This pregnancy has been horrible. Not because of morning sickness or high blood pressure or back pain, but because the day she found out she was pregnant, her husband began an affair with another woman. And that affair has continued throughout the pregnancy. It has been a daily roller coaster and it has really taken the light out of Katie Beth. It has been so painful to watch her go through this.

Tonight they are inducing her...I hope to see a little of that light return as she holds her own baby in her arms.


  1. I hope so too! My heart hurts for Katie Beth whenever I think about how much she's been through in just a few years. I'm glad you're there with Katie Beth tonight. And there's nothing like being an aunt. I guess being a mom might be more rewarding, but with nieces and nephews, you get to be the fun person they always want around. :)

  2. hj your postings always give me goose bumps! i am hoping too that this sweet baby rainy fills katie beth with the joy she once had. you are such a sweet sister. can't wait to see pictures :)


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