Thursday, October 28, 2010

23 Weeks Pregnant

23 Weeks

Dear Sullivan,
This week has been so fun! You have rolled and kicked so much and I just love every minute of it! I can feel little parts of you like your head, your feet, or your bum.

I guess most importantly, we had an ultrasound this week to check up on some cysts that they saw in your brain last ultrasound. Thankfully they had disappeared and they did an extensive ultrasound (almost an hour!) to check every part of you to make sure you didn't have any markers for Trisomy 18 or Downs Syndrome. I didn't realize how serious it was until we got to the appointment and had to meet with a genetics counselor and have this long ultrasound. They were worried for a brief little bit because you wouldn't open your hands to them, and they were hoping they weren't club hands. But you love sucking your whole fist that it took a lot of tossing and turning on my part to get you to unclench you fist and show us all your beautiful, perfect fingers. I was so relieved to find out that you were perfectly healthy and the 1 hour of watching you was the biggest treat! At one point you kissed the screen:-)
There have been so many sad things happen this week to people I love. It's been a hard week. But you my little dear, have brought me so much joy throughout my day.

This week was the week I was expecting twins. As sad as loosing them was, I wouldn't have you if things had gone my way, and I know that you are a blessing to me from the Lord.

I love you sweet pea!



  1. Yes, I too loved my every minutes to see those little movements and to feel like a happy mom and I have prepared to do my best to take the pictures too...well, I enjoyed my pregnancy.

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