Friday, October 22, 2010

22 Weeks

I am falling behind in the picture documentation of my growing belly. But it's definitely growing!
Next week maybe...


I am in the honeymoon stage of pregnancy right now. My nausea is really lessened to once or twice a day and I have a little more motivation and energy. For a few weeks there I was having very intense headaches and back aches from lifting Barclay but Noah had this wonderful massage therapist come to our house and she worked on me for 2 hours. Since that day my backaches have almost been non existent and I have had very few head aches. Praise the Lord!

You move so much! Probably 3 times as much as Barclay did. I LOVE it so much. Every single kick and roll gets me so tickled! It never gets old. A few kicks lately have me yelping in public with surprise! I only wish I had time to lay in bed for hours and think about you.

My mind is completely overtaken with thoughts of you and Barclay playing together. My two boys...:-)

This week it has really hit me that you aren't just a pregnancy. You are a person, with a soul, who will be here in a few short months to stay! As much as I long to hold you, I have got to start getting my life, house, other son in order:-)

This week I have craved coffee, and chocolate milk in a big way. Probably making up for my months of not getting any calcium in my diet. I probably need to taper off on that though if I want to not gain a ridiculous amount of weight:-)

I have started getting some braxton hicks contractions already but they stop if I lay down so the midwives aren't worried.

Little Sullivan. I cannot stand it, I love you so much already.

Your Mama

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