Friday, June 25, 2010

A Mouse in my House!

Since I'm already writing Fails, I thought I'd also write about another funny instance from this past week.

I've pretty much let my house go the past month. I've pretty much only done the bare necessities and that does not include sweeping up the millions of crumbs that are a daily occurrence when raising a little boy like Barclay. It was bad. I knew it. I even had a babysitter coming the next day to watch Barclay so I could get it DONE before my killer morning sickness kicked in.

So the night before the babysitter was to come, I slept in the guest room (waking every 30 minutes to wipe the blood out of Barclay's mouth from where he bit through his tongue...that's another story), Noah slept in our room. The next morning he told me that he had awakened in the middle of the night to squeaking and had followed the noise to our closet, where he found a mouse!!! He shut the door to keep him out and plugged the bottom of the door with a towel. The next morning, a very grouchy me was told of the mouse and I was SO sad:-( That really cemented the fact that I am the #1 worst housewife ever! I also hate mice and the thought of a mouse in our closet made me ill.

Anyhow, I bought some mouse traps and bravely opened the door for a second to put them in there. About 20 minutes later I heard..."mouse screams" coming from the closet. I ran and got the babysitter to come with me since I was scared to death and also feeling pretty cruel for killing a mouse and having it scream! She offered to check for mouse. Then she started looking around the closet. No droppings, no signs of a nest, no scurrying, no squeaking...

I then called Noah to see if maybe he had slept walked (a daily occurrence) and dreamed about the mouse since there was zero evidence of one. His response..."Oh yeah, maybe I dreamed it. Yeah I think I did."

So needless to say, the non mouse we had in our house scared me into cleaning big time. Maybe that was Noah's goal in telling me this mouse story.

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  1. I bought a dust buster with a stick for $7 at the Target Thanksgiving sales two years ago. BEST $7 I ever spent! Now crumbs are gone in about 10 seconds. I bought another one in this year's sale, too because I loved it so much. Just an idea (no judgment, because sometimes even that doesn't get done around here either!). . .

    PS Maybe he got the weird pregnancy dreams instead of you! And maybe he will get all the other symptoms too!


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