Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Shopping Spree...sort of

Today is the 7th day that I have been holed up in my house because of sickness. I was so over being cooped up! I just cried and cried on the phone to my poor busy husband.
"What am I supposed to do for the 11 hours you're not here and Barclay wants to play. What am I supposed to do all that time?!?!"
Well, I decided to go on a shopping spree even though:
a.We are not spending money on anything other than food this month, because Noah didn't have any closings in January.
b.My only New Year's resolution was to not buy anything.
I had a BAD itch to go to thrift shopping so I went through all our change throughout the house. Counted it, ziplock bagged it with the amount in it written on the bag and headed out. I was cheating, yes. But I found a little loop hole and I'm ok with that.
So look upon my treasures!

This was a beautiful, rather large, original piece of art. It's made out of stone and it simple just like I like. It's Jesus and his mother. I'll look forward to using it next Christmas!

These beautiful candle wall hangers. They are iron and very heavy.

They were gorgeous silver and bronze colored. I'm saving them for the yellow and silver room I'm planning in my head for my next house.
$4 for both

A super cheery and brand new make up case. One of mine ripped so I needed one and this is just precious.

These are for Eden and Emery!
(My close friend Melanie is having a Csection and delivering her twin girls tomorrow!!!!)
Their uncle plays for Clemson so I'm sure they'll get a lot of use out of these:-)

This was an awesome stencil on suede. It's brand new with saran wrap around it. I got it for my friend Reba. Partly because it screams her decorating style and partly because I HATE suede!

Two in one. This basket is the perfect size for the CDs I burn of my photography. And it's the color of what I use all around the house.
50 cents.
And that tie. Ever since I've had a little boy I've come to LOVE the colors red and navy together. Very manly. I hope my husband wears it. It was brand new, Tommy Hilfiger.

In college I gave an old gold belt like this to a friend to use as a necklace. I have regretted giving it to her so much;-) because it makes so many outfits! I've been on the lookout and found this beauty. I'll be taking the heart off...but it's a nice chunky piece.

This was an original, old timey bathing suit. 1940s I'm guess? I've got plans for a nice, retro, pin up girl photo shoot planned. Don't worry, I wont be the subject;-)

So for less than $20 in quarters, dimes, nickles and pennies. I, not only, got some nice stuff, I saved my sanity for one more day:-)

I'm linking up to Dalomba Days Goodwill Goodies.

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  1. Hi! I came across your blog at Dalomba Days! I am going to read it from the beginning!

    Love all of your thrifty goodies that you got for just change! LOL!



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