Monday, January 25, 2010

One Step Ahead-Two Steps Back?

Today in the mail I received a new magazine! No, not Glamour, Professional Photographers of America, or even the Babies r us one...
It was a magazine with inventions for babies and kids. I think it's the equivalent of that magazine in the front pocket of the airplane...for children. Please enjoy the following "got to haves";-)

Use free standing...

Yay! Now Everyone can go potty in the comfort and convenience of our suburban's trunk!
#1.That poor girl is never going to be able to not be "that girl who pooped in the back of the trunk for that magazine."
#2. Is this even legal?

07848_1.<span class=jpg">

A straight jacket for your thumb. Lovely.

And perhaps the most disturbing...


Don't know what to do with all your stuffed animals? Put them in a bag, where they cannot breath and sit on them.

Seriously, this is stuffed animal cruelty. What kid would really be up for this?

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