Saturday, January 2, 2010

Pure Lazy

This past week, I have been so lazy. I mean, I'm disgusted with myself at how lazy I've been.
Things like:
Doing the same load of laundry twice because I'm too tired to put it in the dryer. Even though I know it costs more money and takes more time in the end.
Things like taking Barclays nap times to catch up on mindless TV shows or bubble baths.
I've was too lazy to make resolutions.
I did make one goal (to not buy anything but groceries and toiletries in January)...which I broke yesterday (that would be the 1st of January).
Not gotten dressed until 5 pm
Every show I keep up with is not running right now...the time when I actually have time to watch some of them.
I've checked facebook about every 5 minutes and nothing exciting is happening.
People are not blogging (probably because they are making something of their lives).
I'm just tired and I don't feel very much pressing on me that NEEDS to get done. Although when I'm busy and stressed, I want these types of days...but after about a week of this. I'm ready for some things to happen. I'm craving the stress and the business of every day life.
I guess I'll start living better tomorrow...after I finish watching this episode of Teen Mom (ey ye ye).

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