Friday, November 6, 2009

Italy Day 4-The Long Car Ride

I haven't blogged about our trip to Italy in a while...mostly because of my neck injury, but really want to finish because I haven't even written about my favorite parts!

Sorry this post doesn't have pictures, but we didn't take any that day!

Thursday, we "slept in" and really relaxed around Andrew's house. We were pretty tired from doing so much and not really sleeping that much at night (thanks to Barclay).
We then went right outside to the down town market of Vicenzia. They have a market every Thursday there with clothes, purses, underwear (yes and lots of it), food, flowers, etc. We walked through admiring tents and tents of colorful scarves, sweaters, boots, and of course the underwear:-) I then pestered Noah to go to the Gyro place to grab another of the best thing I've ever eaten.
We spent the afternoon doing laundry and packing for our weekend trip to Rome. When Andrew arrived home, we jumped in his car for the 3 hour trip to Pisa (where the tower is).
This car ride proved to be very taxing (especially for poor Andrew). Barclay literally screamed for about 2 1/2 hours of it. We tried everything. I leaned over his seat and nursed him, gave him crackers, stopped held him, talked to him, turned on the light, covered his seat with a coat to block out light, let him cry it out...and nothing worked.
About half way through the trip we stopped at a gas station to grab dinner. THAT was an experience in itself! I walked in and right near the register, two Italian gentlemen we standing up drinking wine and a gas station! I also discovered that the Italians sell Cheese baby food. I didn't purchase any for fear of what that would do to Barclay's diapers...yuck!
Back in the car with the crying baby. He fell asleep right when we were entering the Pisa city limit...figures.
That night we stayed on base with Andrew because he was going to do a 10k to the Pisa Tower the next morning.

It was one of the less exciting days over there, but definitely much needed!

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