Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How Can You Not Believe?

The Lord has filled my aching heart to overflowing today. Nothing in particularly abnormal happened, but in my small, everyday, normal, sometimes boring life...he blessed me.

God is so apparent to me lately, not only in the beautiful fall weather that mirrors the change that takes place in me every year, but in the relationships I have.

I reconnected with a dear friend this week, and she wrote in an email about her relationship with her husband, "...its amazing how you can grow closer and closer together when you think you are as close as it gets on your wedding day!"

This is so true and I see it again and again in my marriage.

And tonight, after a terrible week where I felt like a bond with Barclay was broken...because I had to stop nursing exclusively. Tonight I was feeding him a bottle before bed and we just had the most blissful time. We giggled and snuggled, and it was just so...needed. I felt the love of God reaching my hurting heart through that time with Barclay. As with my marriage, the moment I met Barclay my heart almost burst with the love I had for him, and without explanation, I love him deeper and more than the day before.

I love that God is so caring, so tender that he shows love to me through tiny moments of my daily life. How can anyone deny Him?


  1. This is a very beautiful post. Very well said.

  2. Now that I have children and know how much I love them, it makes me more amazed by God's love for me, which is even stronger than a mother's love for her child.
    "Though my mother and father forsake me, the LORD will receive me." Ps. 27:10


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