Thursday, February 14, 2013

My funny valentine

Dearest little one,

It's been 2 years since I first laid eyes on you.  We had a scary start.  There wasn't immediate bonding and snuggling...I was just glad that you were alive.

Around 2 am that next morning I woke up from my drugged state and asked the nurses to bring you to me.  In those wee morning hours I fell so deeply in love with you.  It was just you and me and I couldn't believe how my heart grew.

My number one fear of being a mother of two was loving you.  I just didn't know how it could happen.  It just did.

You have been such a pleasure to nurture.  You make it easy.  I made a decision that I would not listen to other people this go around and that I would enjoy nurturing you the way that came naturally.  I have hundreds of memories stored up of blissful moments of the sun coming through my shades and just you and me.  Nursing, sighing, snuggling and enjoying every single moment.
There are still moments today, in your busy-two-year-old ways that I instantly store in my heart because you are so precious and moments with you are so precious.
You have become quite the chatter box and have the sweetest little voice.  It blows my mind that now you can say sentences of 5+ words.  You were so chill as a baby that I thought that was how you would be.  Not at all!  You are fiery and you do not let your big brother bully you.  You sing and dance and play right along with him.

To be honest the past month or two has been rough.  You have hit a patch of terrible twos that has brought me to my knees.  Sometimes during the day I just feel like laying down and sleeping for a week.  BUT you still find moments to snuggle with me, sing to me, play sweetly with your brother and I see your sweet spirit.

You are beautiful.  Absolutely drop dead, stop in your tracks beautiful.  You have the most beautiful eye lashes I've ever seen and the rosiest rosebud lips.  You flirt a lot and slowly bat your lashes while smiling and holding your hands together.

Nothing fills my heart like watching you and Barclay growing up together.

Sullivan you fill my heart with joy!
I can't wait to see you grow another year.

I love you my sweet little Valentine,


  1. I love the image of you two resting together in the sunlight just enjoying being close. So precious!

  2. That was precious and a wonderful tribute to that amazing little guy! I love that little guy! and his mama!


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