Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sweet Boy

Barclay is the cutest thing ever. I just want to quickly write down some of his endearing traits because I never ever want to forget them!

-He loves to sit on things. Steps, chairs, tiny cups, boxes, legos, deodorant tops...
He is so careful to place it directly beneath is bottom and slowly sit down. Then he sits atop of it like a little perched bird.

-He is really into saying Bow bow all the time, which means he wants to bump elbows with you.

-He loves having his face rubbed. He turns to jelly and goes all limp, eyes rolling with delight.

-His favorite foods are ma mayen (watermelon) and awt dawgs (hot dogs with a southern drawl)

-He is a very neat little boy, just like his daddy and is constantly running up to me with a tiny speck of dirty on his finger saying, "Ewwwww! Ewww!"

-He loves brushing his teeeet! (Teeth)

-He kisses my belly all the time and talks about the bebe all the time.

-When he calls out "mama! Mama!" my heart melts every single time.

-He can be entertained for minutes trying to pick at a stray fingernail.

-He loves playing hid and go seek.

-Once in a long while he'll spend a few minutes snuggling me in the crook of my neck. It's literally heaven.


  1. My girls are the same way with "stray" fingernails!

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