Sunday, July 11, 2010

Just like her...

This morning we were running late and even considered skipping church. We had a number of excuses up our sleeve:
-I was puking
-Barclay had been up half the night
-We were like an hour behind in everything
-I have done minimal laundry since the dreaded morning sickness had hit and we had limited choices for clothes to wear...very limited.
-Our regular pastor wasn't preaching
-Several of our good friends who go to our church were out of town.
-I felt like death warmed over...Noah felt like death warmed over.
-Barclay was covered in raspberry remnants

We decided we still wanted to push through and go. I even decided to curl my hair and put on a little makeup! Wonder of wonders, since I usually go to church with my hair soaking wet from my shower 20 minutes earlier. I was feeling pretty proud of myself, like I had it all together...When I realized that I had forgotten shoes! So I attended church, downtown, barefooted...and pregnant, with a baby on my hip:-)

I was so tickled because my grandmother was known for going places and forgetting to bring her shoes all the time. I've been missing her so much lately, and It was so comforting to know that I carry some of her spunk inside of me:-)


  1. haha! That's cute (the no shoes)! Satan just wants to get you down right now... I read your other post, too! My 91 year old grampie used to say, "NO WORRIES!" all the time... Early when I was pregnant, I had similar guilty feelings, but looking back, it is just such a small little season that you feel that way, and you will be back to being regular ol mommy soon! I'll be praying for you! My friend, Carla, had a similar thing happen recently with no shoes. Copy this link to read it from her blog! That should make you feel better!


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