Monday, October 5, 2009

Random thoughts today...

1.I hate fall decorations.
(I read a lot of decorating blogs and I usually love them. But I hate fall decorations so much that I've been skipping all of them.)
I love how fall feels, hate how we decorate for it. If only the way it feels could be vividly portrayed...then I think I'd like it.
Fake ugly orange and yellow leaves, pumpkins, and scary stuff? Not my cup of tea.
2.I am absolutely sick of family dynamics right now. Both Noah and my parents are divorced. Both his parents are dating people right now, and a bunch of other stuff is going on. And of course the holidays are lovely when you have to please 4 individuals. I seriously want to go away for Christmas. Just me, Noah and Barclay and not deal with any of it. I hate divorce. Hate hate hate it.
That's all. My mind is blank.


  1. Agreed - with the pumpkins and scary stuff. My biggest pet peeve - the cotton webbing spread all over bushes and ghosts dangling from trees.
    My hubby's parents are divorced (for a long time), but that makes 3 sets of families for us - and we all live in the same city - ugh. Holidays are more frustrating and stressful then anything. We spend gobs of money on people we never see - but they're 'family'. We have decided when my daughter is six we are going to go on vacation to New York and spend Christmas there - no family gatherings to deal with. Just us 4 :o)

  2. To me Fall decorating does not include "scary stuff," but I grew up without celebrating Halloween lol. Due to that I loooove fall decorating, no fake pumpkins here! :)

    As for divorce . . . I hear you. My parents have both been remarried since I was 8 and 9 {which I never thought to be thankful for}, but I can't imagine how much more drama there would be if they were dating!

    Families are Forever! :)

  3. I love fall, but I agree on the Halloween. I skipped right to the fall and passed over the yucky stuff. I love to decorate, though, because taking care of the home is a blessing and a high calling. They said it well over at girltalk, though (via Edith Shaffer in The Hidden Art of Homemaking):

    "I feel very strongly that this modern fear of the home becoming non-existent can be countered only if those of us who want to be sure our little spot is really a home take very practical measures to be sure that it is just that, and not a collection of furniture sitting in some sort of enclosure being protected from wind and storm. Of course, human relationships make a house into a home: either the relationships within the house, or the welcome and understanding that guests find. Human relationships depend on communication. But this communication takes time. It is also helped by atmosphere, and the atmosphere is helped by the ‘things’ which are arranged with love and with an expression of creativity in a visible form.” p. 99

    I am so sorry things are not going well with your family right now. I will pray that it will calm down, and that God will calm your heart as well. . .

  4. I too am sorry that things arent joyful right now :(

    I like Autumn and the crispness in the air and vegetable harvest and the colors: both in the leaves and in our home the browns and greens and burnt orange...I like the crispness in the air and the deisre it rbings to cuddle in with a good beak, cup of tea and a warm blanket made wiht love.

    I cannot STAND Halloween and the scary decorations and churches having Halloween outreach parties. It breaks my heart to run to the store for dinner in Septmeber and have my toddler ask me if the scary Grinch wants to eat him. Then be up all night convincing him that there are no monsters, even though he knows there are because they are in EVERY store!!

    God Hates divorce. Im with Him :)

  5. :-( Brent's parents are divorced. His momma lives across the street from us and his daddy lives about 20 minutes away. Christmas and Thanksgiving are rough when you've got the only grandbabies. My folks are still together and fighting (hard) for it, but that's still 3 family get-togethers and you just want to hang out with your babies and that's it. We make it a rule to have Christmas morning to ourselves. We do Christmas Eve at Steves (his dad) and Christmas night at Pams (his mom's) and my folks come a few days before or after. I'd talk to Noah and make sure ya'll agree on what you want to do and put your feet down on it. Christmas morning is something Barclay may not understand yet but in about 2 years he'll remember what it is any be excited out of his mind and the LAST thing you need is fussy g-parents hanging around on the morning that should be full of wonderful glory and excitement. It sounds so anti-social but we just have Christmas alone and have Christmas gatherings around Christmas with family. It gives us time to enjoy our own time with the kids and not have to worry about who's feeling akward around who and so forth.

  6. It actually doesn't sound like your mind is blank at all!! =)

    And I have to agree with you...I ALSO HATE fall decor! Which is sad, as I LOVE LOVE LOVE fall! I was JUST telling a friend this the other day! That it is all so tacky and then I come across a cute pumpkin made out of sticks or something a bit earthy looking...but not enough to buy it =) (and can we please add big old ugly turkeys to the list of "not my cuppa tea!" =))

    I am sorry to hear about the family dynamics...wouldn't it be lovely if other peoples decisions didn't affect us at all?!


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