Friday, October 9, 2009

It pays to be honest...

A couple of weeks ago, on his commute into town, my husband saw a man hitchhiking with a gas can. Noah pulled over and asked what the deal was. The man explained, his car ran out of gas and he was going to the filling station up the road to get some. Noah told the man, "That filling station is actually not opened at this time of night."
The man then proceeded to say, "To be honest man, I just want to get to an ABC store to get some liquor. I just use the gas can as an excuse to get into town."
My dear, sweet, compassionate husband replies, "I appreciate your honesty. Hop on in! I'll take you directly to the ABC store."
On the ride in, Noah found out this guy does this gas can gimmick several times a week.
After waiting in the parking lot while this guy did his shopping, Noah then told the man he was going to drive him back home safely. Noah said the man was just giggling the whole way back saying, "All the people in my trailer are not going o BELIEVE how fast I got back with this liquor!"
My husband does things like this all time. Well, not helping drunks out with their habit, but being there for people that not a lot of people give a second look to.
Although, I don't think he should make a habit out of helping "gas can man", I can't help but giggle and be glad for a compassionate husband.


  1. I think that's wonderful of Noah! Even though it might not be great to help a drunk with his habit, at least the guy is safe with Noah. Some crazy person could have picked him up instead.

  2. that's way too sweet. you've got yourself a good man, darlin'!

  3. Sounds like my hubby. I should warn him about the gas can man scam in case he sees one along one of our roads! :o)

  4. My husband does stuff like Noah and it terrifies me. I dont trust the gas can guy or anyone else! Except maybe my hubby and yours :)

  5. Wow,HJ! That reads like a parable :) What a dear husband you have!


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