Friday, October 23, 2009

My Big Boy

People have always told me that time flies when you have a baby. I never thought it was true until this past month. This month has been packed full of new and exciting things every single day that Barclay learns.
He is becoming a little person, with likes and dislikes....a personality.
Oh I love him so much!

*He has recently loved sitting on my lap and letting me tickle his back. It's a rare moment of stillness but he sits there, and hunches over and doesn't move a muscle. His little skin is so soft and warm and I love this tender moment with him.
*Yesterday he pulled up onto the laundry basket (he's been pulling up for about a month) and all of a sudden he let go and wobbled standing up for about 4 seconds.
How strange it will be to see him walking one day!
*He has started to play with his toy cars. Yesterday was the first time I've ever seen him wheel them around, instead of just chewing on them.
*He can clap and it is MY FAVORITE THING EVER! He does it almost every time I do, and he just squeals with delight.
*He has two teeth now and it just changes his whole look! I never thought he could be cuter with teeth, but he surely is.
*Today he talked to a stuffed animal.
My sweet friend Catherine brought Barclay a teddy bear from Germany right after he was born. I've stuck it in the crib, the port a crib, the car with him and he's never really cared too much about it. Today I sat it up in his crib Barclay just went crazy. He sat right there in front of it and just babbled and laughed for 15 minutes! (an eternity in baby attention span minutes).
*We have inside jokes. I have these three dumb things I do (mostly sounds I make). I do them, he pauses with a smile and just cracks up. every.single.time. It's amazing.
*He looks at Noah when I ask where Dada is. He looks at me when I ask where Mama is.
*He laughs when I show him a picture of himself.

9 months ago, I held my son for the first time. He was tiny, warm and the cutest thing I'd ever laid eyes on. I never thought he could get cuter. But every day has proven me wrong.

I love you Barclay Thomas George! And I'm so blessed that God chose me to be your mother!

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  1. So beautiful. I love all these milestones the first few years. The clapping is one of my favorites too! I've often thanked God for allowing me to be the mother to my kids. It is an honor!


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